Sunday, 3 September 2017

Day 25 & 26...June 19 & 20

I was really looking forward to today, only 64 kms to the coast. The coastal scenery so far had been beautiful...tidal mudflats, gorgeous bays and inlets, but I love the ocean and the sound of the surf, walking along the beach or just investigating rockpools.

The highway was mainly through trees, trees and more trees but it was nice easy riding. I met a woman on the road who was walking / running every state of America. She had already walked / ran across Canada! Her husband was driving the support vehicle for her, but in a few days he had to return to work and she would be on her own. I'm not sure how she was going to manage all her gear without the vehicle.
And I saw a woodpecker today. I first heard this noise and looked up and there he was up on a power pole. So cool.

Finally left the trees and got into some open country.

Arrived at Long Beach, stopped by the Visitors Bureau then headed along the cycle trail that would take me to Cape Disappointment. But first I had to do a detour and see the Pacific Ocean! 

I have to admit it was like a breath of fresh air being on the coast finally and in a funny sort of way the start of a whole new trip.
Had a lovely ride to Cape Disappointment State Park, mainly on the cycle trail. Saw three snakes though, but at least they were little!

This is a very nice state park and thank goodness for the critter lockers for food. The raccoons here are not afraid of anything and will quite cheekily stroll into your tent. I was the only one in the hiker biker site tonight, unless you count the millions of mosquitoes that kept me company. Went for a bit of an explore after dinner and found this beach full of wood and some interesting beach art type stuff. I have no idea how or where all this wood comes from.

Sea mist started coming in so time to head back to the mosquitoes and my tent.
I woke up to rain in the morning and a very wet tent again. I really wanted to explore Cape Disappointment so decided I would treat myself to a yurt for the night. I had wanted to stay in one on the trip at some point so this seemed the perfect time. Luckily they had one vacant...$75 for the night but at least I could dry out all my gear again, and not worry about getting soaking wet when I go exploring. I don't mind getting wet if I have a dry place to sleep.

One great thing about Cape Disappointment is they have a cafe with free wifi right opposite the park entrance, so after a good hot breakfast I headed off to the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse. An enjoyable ride up to the track even if I did get a bit lost again, then a very nice walk up the hill to the lighthouse.

Spectacular views from the lighthouse, I imagine on a clear day you would be able to see miles up and down the coast.

I wandered down the track via the Lewis and Clarke Interpretive Centre. I had never heard of these two gentlemen, but they were the first American explorers to cross the Western part of the USA. The centre is very interesting with big panels explaining the journey as well as other bits and pieces from the expedition. I spent a good couple of hours reading all about their epic journey. Right near the centre are the buildings left over from the old fort and battery.

Then I decided to ride to North Head Lighthouse.

When you come to a fork in the road with no idea which direction to take and there are no signs, its obvious you will take the wrong one. That's exactly what I did and ended up in Ilwaco. Not such a bad thing as that is where I need to be tomorrow to get a bus.

I have the Astoria Bridge to cross tomorrow and have decided to catch a bus across it, but I will explain more about that in the next post.

I enjoyed Cape Disappointment and the one night I was not in a hiker biker site...a whole heap of cyclists turned up!! I did meet them in the morning and hopefully our paths will cross again.

So its goodbye to Washington State and hello Oregon!

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