Sunday, 26 November 2017

Pack up the gear RB, we are heading off!

We have been having some gorgeous weather here...lovely hot days that are perfect for riding except work seems to get in the way. So I decided to head off this weekend for an overnight camp to my favourite camping ground at Millers Flat.

I haven't had a night in my tent since the end of the bike tour and to be honest, I was missing it. I love my little tent. So I packed up the panniers, loaded Birdy up, tucked RB (Roadside Bear that I found by the road in the USA, but RB  to his friends) into a secure spot and off we went. ( Buggy gets to go on the overseas trips Elsie!)

It was a scorcher of a day which suits me, I love riding in the heat. Pulled over here for a drink and the locals seemed very interested in Birdy.

The trail is in such good condition now. There were so many washouts and slips after the torrential rain and floods through winter but the trail committee have got it all back in peak condition. With all this warm weather its lovely and dry too, perfect riding conditions.

Got to the campground after a slight detour to have a wee nap by the river. It was so nice to be setting up my tent again!

I decided that since it was still early I would ride to Roxburgh, only another 19kms further on the trail, and grab some fish, chips and a beer to picnic by the river. It was a beautiful ride, the Lombardy Poplars were shedding all their seed tufts and it looked like snow in some places.

Of course the Clutha River was looking as stunning as it normally does. One of the great things about this trail is how it follows the river, and the river and flora around it is always changing. I never get sick of riding through here as its different every time.

Fish, chips and a beer with a view. What could be better?

Needless to say the trip back was a bit slower. There was storm over the hills and it was kinda cool cycling towards the sun while behind me I could hear thunder rumbling. 
After a shower, some red wine and a lovely chat with Marise it was time for bed.

I really enjoyed camping out again and can't wait until my next tour. The plan is in April to bike the length of the south island here in New Zealand, and then in September get myself to Western Australia to ride the Munda Biddi Trail. This is a 1000kms off road trail and in September the wildflowers will be out, so it should be spectacular.

Until then I have to be happy with short overnight trips and day rides. Heres a few pics of recent rides to whet the appetite of all my overseas friends to come to NZ and ride with me!

" Travel is not really about leaving our homes, but leaving our habits."

                                                                                                              Pico Iyer

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