Friday, 26 May 2017

Finally its time 17th May 2017

After what has felt like months, its time to head off on my big adventure. Somehow I have to fit all of this into my bag (not the pink noodle thing though, that is packing for Birdy.)

With help from Mark, I got Birdy all boxed up snug and tight. All my gear eventually fitted into my pack and it was time to go.

The flight was as good as a flight that long can be and I landed in San Francisco. I got pulled aside at customs.....I was carrying three blocks of Whittaker's chocolate and they wanted to check it was actually chocolate and not something else! The customs officer swabbed each block and the little day pack I had them in. Of course it was all clear and I was waved through. 
Birdy made it through the trip intact so far, just a flight to Seattle to get through and rechecking Birdy onto the flight. I found out how difficult it is to manoeuvre a big bike box, back pack, day pack and shoulder bag all on an airport trolley. Everyone at the airport was so helpful.....and finally I arrived into Seattle. Tinker and Scott were there to meet me, it was so good to see a familiar face and not have to think. Travelling for close to 24 hours and having very little sleep, it was great to get big hugs from these two.

Welcome to Seattle!

"Once a year go somewhere you have never been before"
Dalai Lama