Sunday, 29 January 2017

Nice day for it.

After all the bad weather we have been having this summer, it was so nice to have a warm sunny day. What else could I do except pack up Birdy and head off for the night. This was the first chance to ride with all my gear and only a bit under the weight I will be carrying on my tour.

So this will pretty much be the set up I take away with me, just need to add in a day pack and a bigger handlebar bag with a clear cover for my map so I don't get lost! Highly likely considering I have no sense of direction.

It was a great ride and neither Birdy nor I really felt the added weight. That was very reassuring as I am so use to riding with no weight at all, and having pannier bags and a rack certainly changes the feel of Birdy.

Once I made camp, Mark arrived (in the car) and we headed off to Hobbes Family Orchard to do a spot of apricot picking. Nothing like eating really ripe, fresh fruit, warm from the sun, straight off the tree. I did pick more than I ate though!

We then went to the Millers Flat pub for something to eat. I have discovered a Citrus Beer that is low alcohol and so tasty. After a couple of those, a very tasty burger and chips I was about ready for the short walk back to camp and sleep.

Woke to an overcast day, bit of rain and headwind. By the time I got home...100km round trip, I was ready for a hot bath. It does make me wonder how I will go day after day biking on my tour, but I have given myself a good amount of time, and I'm sure there will be a lot of rests with time to go and explore something, take photos and sightsee.

Magic Energy Beans
Where's that bath?

One thing I have noticed about riding Birdy with all the gear on, is how my attitude changes. Its an odd thing.......I don't worry about how many km's I can clock up, and I ride at a much slower pace, taking in more of the scenery. I can ride the same trail with no load on Birdy and its more about speed and training.

I think I like the touring mindset a lot better!

"Interesting people do normal stuff mostly, they just go beyond that at times."
                                                                                                            Trevor Wetherby

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  1. After about a week the day after day routine kicks in and you just get up and go.